Kasia - migraine

I’m extremely satisfied with acupuncture treatments provided by Mark. I’ve suffered with migraines for years. I’ve had 3 acupuncture appointments so far and just 1 migraine. I used to have several attacks of migraine per week. I’m very pleased with the results and would strongly recommend acupuncture treatments provided by Mark. Thank you Mark

Leanne - fertility

After having a failed round of IVF, and a natural miscarriage, I made the decision to try acupuncture. I had read many articles about the benefits and found Mark’s details at the clinic. Mark took time to understand my personal situation and took a very holistic approach to my treatment, we discussed not only my fertility issues, but diet, mindset and lifestyle. I had 3 sessions on the run-up to the egg transfer and 2 on the day. I was noticeably more relaxed, and the FET was a success! Unfortunately, this was not a successful pregnancy. After further investigation, it became apparent that my issues were related to a blood clotting disorder and natural killer cell.


My Husband and I decided to try naturally, and Mark was highly supportive of this journey. He worked with both myself and my husband, for me, it was about regulating my cycle and increasing the blood flow to the uterus. For my husband, Mark’s acupuncture was focused on improving the quality and mobility of the sperm count. We are delighted to share that we are due a little girl in summer 2019 and we strongly believe that acupuncture with Mark had a huge part to play in our journey. I would not hesitate in recommending Mark to anyone on their fertility journey, either assisted or natural.

Please share your experience

Please share your experience of acupuncture