As a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network I have completed post graduate training to ensure that I have a fully versed understanding of western protocols and procedures. Since 2015 I have provided the acupuncture service for the Hewitt Fertility Centre, in Knutsford, which is part of Liverpool Women's Hospital. My patients now benefit from my rare experience working within a major IVF clinic within the NHS, providing both packages of acupuncture treatment to support patients during their cycle of treatment plus the provision of acupuncture both immediatley pre and post their embryo transfer at the clinic.

My aim is to support you in your fertility journey, to support your choices and wishes and where ever possible enhance your fertile capacities and to nurture your sense of well being throughout your experience. I will support you with diet and lifestyle advice according to your constitutional diagnosis within the Traditional Chinese Medical model.


Acupuncture: support your fertility and conception journey

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is beneficial to help prepare your body for conception - for all aspects of assisted conception and for natural conception.


Many people choose acupuncture because they would like to avoid assisted conception, some because they have heard it is a beneficial support during assisted conception, and others because they have tried everything else and want to fully explore all the options that may help them to conceive.


Whatever the reason you are looking for support - if you are just at the outset of trying to conceive, if you have been trying for some time, if you are just embarking down the assisted pathway, or if you may have had multiple assisted experiences - acupuncture support may be an excellent way to help to bring you into better balance, wherever you may be in your fertility journey.


My aim is to help to bring you into a better state of health for conception and gestation, optimising you for pregnancy and parenthood.

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